Blog Launch

Welcome to my new blog! There's not much here yet, but I plan to regularly write articles about software development, though I may also occasionally write about other things. I have a few purposes for this blog:

  • Share things I've learned with others (beyond just my coworkers)
  • Practice writing
  • Practice software development outside of my regular work

Related to that last item, I built this website myself. It's a little rough around the edges, but that should improve as I have time to work on it. There are a few major features left to implement, but the core functionality works.

Also, a quick disclaimer: I did the design myself. I am not a designer (and it shows).

For those who care about the tech behind this website, here's the main tools and technologies that I used for this website:

I will likely change some pieces of that stack. For instance, I am planning to switch from MongoDB to PostgreSQL soon.

Like I mentioned earlier, I plan to post blog posts regularly (probably one post per month). But until I write another one, enjoy this one lonely blog post.